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Cost-effective website redesign services in Nigeria

As a website redesign agency in Nigeria, when our team redesign your website, the primary goal is to improve your website’s bottom line. Your new redesigned site will get you more traffic, drive more quality leads, and ultimately increase your company’s revenue. If your current website is no longer reaching its potential, it may be time for a complete redesign. A study found leads improved by 314% after a website redesign and SEO campaign.

Our website redesign services will help to transform your existing website’s look and feel through UI and UX revamping for the entire website. For effective web redesign implementation, we carry out thorough UI and UX audit, content creation and optimization loading speed optimization, etc, to achieve the desired conversion goal.

Website Redesign Agency work in progress

Grow Your Business With Website Redesign Service

Hiring the right website design company in Nigeria can help reduce bounce rate, boost search engine ranking, and increase conversion. As humans. we are visually drawn to beautiful and effective websites, hence it is of critical importance that you invest in a website redesign agency that can deliver. Turning your non-conversion compliance website to conversion-driven web pages.

Create a beautiful corporate or personal site that drives revenue with website redesign services from 360 Hub Digital. A website redesign is a necessity if your website is not conversion and user-oriented. Redesigning your website is not just about keeping up with current design trends, it is more about meeting customer demands. For your business to grow by deploying online resources, your website should be able to make the most out of your brand’s unique marketing potential.


Web users will immediately leave a company website that has a poor UI and UX design.


First impression of a brand online is website design related


of consumers admit to making judgements on brand credibility based on their website design


of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

annual revenue is lost globally by slow-loading ecommerce websites.


of internet users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website

What Our Website Redesign Services Include

Handling a website redesign service for you offers your company many benefits. Revamping a website entails the following whether it be a business, e-commerce or personal website.

Mobile First Redesign/Optimization

As earlier stated, website with poor mobile design and apeal will attract little to no recommendation from potential customers who visit the website. Again, there are more mobile internet users than laptops and tablets, therefore it is critical that your website be highly responsive on mobile devices. As a corporate website redesign agency in Nigeria, we ensure that your new website meets the expectation of your customers and prospect’s as they surf with their smartphones. We do this by creating designs that automatically adjust to any screen size, while still keeping their elegance across all devices.

Custom Web Design

The whole essence of our website redesign process revolves around a custom design that is tailed to your business image. One of the things we think about in the redesign stages is your target audience, your logo, and your intent to capture prospects’ interest online with your website. A website that is not well optimised may get lots of visitors and see very few conversions. Conversely, with a well-designed and optimized website, conversion goals can be easily realised with the right effort. Hence we strive to give a unique design that speaks your industry language to prospects in a manner they would understand.

Professional Website Copywriting

For your business’s website redesign, 360 Hub Digital also provide website copywriting to get the desired results after the redesign either with a CMS or not. We will produce optimized content for your website. The type of content that aligns with your brand, marketing strategy, and company goals. We endeavour to pass a persuasive message with simple and clear language. To make the content produce the right results, we craft the right headlines, say much with little copy and pass a clear and convincing unique selling proposition (USP) based message that address concerns potential customers may have.

Why Should You Go For Website Redesign Agency?

You need to redesign your existing website if your current website is not fulfilling your online marketing objectives. Whether it’s adding new functionality, refined blog design, updated content, or a more appealing design, you need a website redesign for inbound marketing to help realise your brand’s goal. Your business website is the first point of contact for so many potential customers seeking to do business with you. Your website is like your storefront receptionist, trying to convince prospects to become customers. That’s why professionally website redesigning is critical to the success of your businesses if you are not getting results.

Your website is like a front office

1.) Your Website Represents Your Company


Your website needs to represent your company well. It’s essential that your website do a good job. A study found that first impressions about a company online are 94% design-related. Another study found that 94% of negative website feedback was design related.

That’s why redesigning a not-so-good website is absolutely essential for modern businesses.

Professional business website redesign keeps your online storefront looking lovely and up to date. For many small businesses, a website is just placing some information about your company online. But a website is not just some brochure. A well designed website is one of the efficient team members of your company. She never sleeps nor takes a vacation or sick leave. you can transform your company and gain solid growth with just a website.

As one of the top website redesign companies in Nigeria, we can help you redesign a stunning website that will impress your site’s visitors and earn you more conversions regularly.

2.) A Well Thought Out Website Redesign Can Strengthen Your Brand


When you hire 360 Hub Digital as your website redesign agency, we can transform the current look and functionality of your website to strengthen your brand image online.

Research found that 94% of negative website feedback by customers and prospects was due to the design of the website. As an experienced corporate website redesign company, we pay attention to details in redesigning your website and thereby eliminating factors that affect your brand credibility.

Think of it this way. If you visit a company you intend to do business with and you meet the staff badly dress and ill manners and the environment unpleasant and unkept, I bet you would reconsider going into business with them. A badly designed website has that same effect on online prospects.

If you are looking for a complete revamping of your website, remember that your site needs an appealing look and a message that is persuasive. The whole idea of a redesign is to make the website convert visitors to customers.

Website redesign can affect brand image
Generating leads with website redesign

3.) Website Redesign Services Can Help Increase Leads


By using the right website redesign strategy, your new website’s improved look and functionality will help generate more leads than the old website. Redesigning with rightly generates more leads and sales. One of the factors that help generate more leads is having a website with the right appeal and functionality on mobile devices.

According to Google, 61% of website users may never return to a site on mobile if they had trouble accessing it, and 40% of that number will visit a competitor’s site instead. We will ensure that your website is well optimize for good mobile experience during the redesign process.

At 360 Hub Digital we really works.We know what sells, and we know how to use the right design to position your company as a brand thatb can be trusted. By using industry standards practices in the redesign process, we can build a website for you that sufficiently represents your company well and brings in deals to increase your revenue.

Our Website Redesign Company’s SEO Checklist

During the redesigning of your site, make sure we avoid the pitfalls that can severely hamper your website SEO. We consider these factors to be of critical importance because they will help the website redesign produce the desired result.

Existing Content Auditing

Content is the powerhouse of many websites’ organic presence. Over 80% of marketers constantly use content marketing, and many successful businesses are built solely on it. As part of our web redesign SEO checklist, we audit and optimize your content for persuasion and ranking.

Long-tail Keyword Research

Long-tail keywords are longer keyword phrases that are very specific to what you’re selling or talking about on your site. When customers use them on Google, they already know precisely what they want. By conducting proper research and using them, we help you target those who are ready to buy now.

On Page SEO

As an SEO agency in Nigeria, we know the impact a proper on-page SEO optimisation can have on your website. Hence we pay attention to header tags optimized with the important keywords, internal linking, content optimization, etc, for better ranking.

Page Speed Optimization

The speed of a website is now a direct ranking factor on Google. The speed of your website and pages within it will influences how it will rank, and this also impacts bounce rate. As an experienced web redesign agency, we optimize your site for speed to eliminate the slow website setbacks.

Attention to URL Redirects

During a redesign process, there can be broken links that if not fixed can be an impediment to search engine optimization success. Changing design and deleting some of the old content can account for this. We ensure that we fix all broken links and error 404 issues.

XML Sitemap Update

An XML sitemap is like your website content blueprint. Online giant Google and other search engines use sitemaps to understand the purpose of your website’s content and it’s critical for a good website redesign SEO checklist. We create and update a new sitemap after the process.

When to Consider Revamping Your Website

Your website is due for a redesign for all, some or one of the following reasons: 

When your webiste has become outdated

When your conversion rate is low

When your website bounce rate is high

When there is poor UX on your website

If your website is not responsive on all devices

If your website is not SEO friendly

Our Website Redesign Approach

As a professional website redesign company in Nigera, our redesign service will improving your website SEO and performance, give better user experience, refocus your site content strategy, optimizing for speed, provide a more appealing design, etc.

What Customers Say About Us

Here are some reviews by existing customers on our Google Business Profile page.

“360Hub Digital has been a very reliable partner in supporting our company’s digital marketing strategy. From managing and upgrading our website/e-commerce interface for cutting edge customer experience; and also managing the SEO strategies, 360Hub Digital has been dynamic, conscientious, reliable and effective I helping us convert leads to loyal customers. The collaboration has yielded great results and we are happy to recommend them to other forward-looking companies.”

Yemi Adewusi

360hub is the best digital marketing agency I have ever worked with. Innovative, creative, Highly strategic in content marketing, has ability to position your brand to the best audience and above all has ability to create content that best describes your brand. 360hub has not only double my company’s revenue, but has greatly increased our client’s database by 500% in less than 8months.

Adam Brown

As a web building/maintenance outfit, I commend 360Hub Digital. They are prompt, professional and always on hand to respond to clients’ needs. I worked with James in rebranding a website. The job was delivered within the agreed time-frame and the website is a lot better than it was. Of course, as with anything in life, there is room for improvement. I recommend their services without any reservation.

Adesola Ayo-Aderele

Very reliable, Efficient, professional and has a great work ethic.

Highly recommended!!!

Chika Agughasi

Celebrating our wonderful clients

Certainly, we are only as good as the work we produce and the results we are able to achieve for our clients. Below are those we have been working with recently.

This Month's Project Case Study

Gennex Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Gennex Technologies Limited is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria with a large network of distributors. The company is in a very competitive industry. To make them stand out and grow faster, we implemented these two key web design features among others  to enable them gain better visibility and boost sales:

Unique design. We tailored the web design to synch with their brand identity with very thoughtful USP and value proposition placements. 

SEO.  To boost trust, visibility and sales, we implemented white-hat SEO on the website. The resultant effect is that they are currently ranked on Google Page One for any product they offer including services.

Other Projects

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