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Innovative ecommerce website design solutions in Nigeria for superior, robust and conversion-driven online stores for business growth.

Gain more online traffic and increased sales with a custom eCommerce website design solution. At 360 Hub Digital, our team provide custom eCommerce website development services that drive big sales and improve brand credibility. Our eCommerce design includes a custom and responsive design that are search engine optimized for good ranking.

The design and functionality of an eCommerce website design could affect your conversion goals negatively or positively. As an eCommerce web design agency, we understand that eCommerce site has several layers of functionality that standard websites do not require. These include stronger security, a faster server to host the storefront, an inventory database, payment processing, and a complicated logistics system for product delivery price calculation.

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Why You Need Ecommerce Web Design Agency for Your Online Store

Ecommerce is a very competitive market, that is why our eCommerce website design agency provides a solid foundation for success for your e-Commerce. Ecommerce designs are unique and thus require an expert touch to make them successful. Ecommerce success is more than just the design, there are many other factors that impact on ecommerce success. Our eCommerce web design service includes:


Custom ecommerce web design


Responsive design


Secure (HTTPS) website


Ecommerce SEO


Many more


Of shoppers will immediately leave your e-commerce website if the UI and UX is poor.


First impression of your e-commerce website is based on the design. We provide lovely designs.


of consumers  make judgements on brand credibility based on the site design


of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

annual revenue is lost globally by slow-loading ecommerce websites.


of shoppers won’t recommend your eCommerce if it is poorly designed on mobile.

What Our Ecommerce Website Design Services Include

Our ecommerce website design services ensure the use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies for better conversion and result-oriented continued maintenance and support for assured service excellence. We go the extra mile to make your eCommerce stand out with good conversion.

Mobile First Ecommerce Design

As an ecommerce web agency we know that ecommerce with poor mobile design will lead to abysmal recommendations from potential customers who visit the ecommerce website and in turn produce stunted growth. To forestall this, we ensure that your ecommerce design meets the expectation of your customers and prospect’s as they surf with their mobile devices. We develop ecommerce websites that automatically adjust to any screen size a user surf the net with.

Custom Web Design

Our best ecommerce website development process and practices revolve around a custom design that is tailored to your products. We design an ecommerce website that is not a copycat of other e-commerce websites. An ecommerce website that is not well optimized can get lots of visitors and end up seeing few conversions. On the other hand, with a well-designed and optimized ecommerce website design, your website conversion goals can be easily realized with the right digital effort. 

Better Cart Management & Security

We provide superior order management and carting solutions that ensure excellent user experience and customer satisfaction on the site. Our ecommerce website design agency offers reliable shopping cart solutions with constant error-free order management. We make sure that your ecommerce website is fully equipped with strong security protocols and best encryptions that ensure complete security during the entire activities of users on the website, from account creation to shopping and checking out.

Our Ecommerce Website Design Company’s SEO Checklist

During the design of your ecommerce site, we make sure to avoid the setbacks that can severely frustrate your website SEO. We consider these factors to be of critical importance because they will help your e-commerce produce the desired result.

Keyword Intent

Our ecommerce web design agency’s strategy is to make extensive keyword research for transactional phrases potential customers use to search for products on Google. We then optimize product pages with those keywords in such a way that your ecommerce website gets ranked high on Google.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

It is a long practice of Google to reward unique, well-researched, and high-quality content in their search result pages (SERP) with high ranking. Meaning that Google will drop your ranking if your ecommerce is filled with copy and duplicate content. We create fresh and unique content.

On Page SEO

As an SEO company in Nigeria, we know the impact a proper on-page SEO optimisation can have on your ecommerce website. That is why we pay attention to header tags optimized with the important keywords, internal linking, and content optimization for better ranking.

Ecommerce Speed Optimization

Studies reveal that slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year. As an experienced ecommerce website design company, we focus on speed optimization to boost user experience and conversion for your brand.


Your ecommerce website won’t rank high on search result pages if Google can’t crawl and index it. This is why we ensure that your ecommerce website’s crawlability, and indexability are on point. Crawlability is the search engine’s ability to access and crawl content on a page.

Website Architecture

The structure of an ecommerce website should be very simple so that the link juice flows from top to bottom smoothly without making life difficult for users. If an ecommerce  website intend to do well, it must have a structure that boosts user experience and ease of Navigation

Our Ecommerce Website Design Service Features

As a professional ecommerce website design company in Nigeria, our design service is laced with features that enable your website to rank high on Google and convert well. The features of our ecommerce web development solution includes but not limited to:

• Content Management
• Paid Searches
• Discount and Coupon management
• Easy Checkout Process
• Advanced Analytics
• Reporting
• E-commerce Optimization
• Ecommerce Ads Management
• Email Marketing integration
• Flexible Payment Options
• Advanced Search Capabilities
• Product/Category Sorting
• Manage Category Thumbnails
• Manage Brands
• Featured Brands on Homepage
• Featured Products
• Time-Based Deals
• Product Management
• SEO Friendly Pagination
• Inventory Management
• Shop Customization
• Third-Party Shipping Integrations

• Scalable and Flexible Architecture

• Editing Product Details
• Editing Product Images
• Manage Product Review
• Manage Product Ratings
• Order Shipping Details
• Member Account Creation
• Member Account Management
• Customer Support
• Product Videos Attachment
• Promotional Videos Attachment
• Set Product Page URL
• Manage Homepage Banners
• Optimize Menu
• Category management
• Order status updates
• Manage Customer Accounts
• Manage Merchant Accounts
• Manage Cash on Delivery options
• Optimized Website Content
• Clearly Written Product Descriptions
• Fast Page Loading Time
• Rich Snippet Product information Creation

• Creative Design

• Set Discount Code Use Limit
• Manage Reporting from Dashboard
• Set Specific Order Quantity
• Manage Out of Stock Products
• Manage “New Arrivals”
• Manage “Coming Soon” Products
• Responsive Design
• Compatible with Different Platforms
• Wish List Management
• Manage Related Products and Items
• Manage FAQs
• Social Media Integrations
• Social Sharing Features
• Two Factor Authentication Setup
• SSL Security Integration
• Firewall Implementation
• Website Policy Creation and Management
• Identity Fraud Protection
• Data Theft Protection
• Transaction Safety
• Data Encryption
• Refund Management

• Live Chat Support & Integration

What Others Say About Us

Here is what some of our clients say about us. You can also check out our Google Reviews.

“Our website re-design project was such a success because of 360 Hub Digital’s professional approach. Thanks to Bar. Femi who referred us to them.”

Memunat A

Small Business Owner

“360 Hub Digital is an efficient and effective brand that supports businesses with digital marketing technology which has ultimately improved revenue on our own part.”

Mark Ugwu

Team Lead, Customer Experience @ Gennex Technologies Ltd

“We rely on 360 Hub Digital as an extension of our team to enable us to get more results and boost our ROI. We are thrilled at their dedication to terms of engagement.”

Adefunke Ogunjobi

Executive Director

“360 Hub Digital has handled over 15 projects for us over a 3 years period. They have not failed us yet. I love the way they always deliver quality solutions timely.”

Olajide Ogunmoroti

CEO Co-Founder (Ojak Services Ltd)

FAQs About Ecommerce Website Development Services

What’s the difference between ecommerce websites and regular websites?

Unlike a standard business website whose main aim is to highlight the corporate identity of the company, the design of an eCommerce website involves a database of products, product information, product crawlability and search, order processing, payment systems setup, etc. Ecommerce companies require the above-listed functionality and more to make sure customers can easily and conveniently browse through the eCommerce website and make purchases at any time.

In addition, eCommerce requires eye-catching product images and videos plus cutting-edge design tools to make the website feel and look like a real store to the customers. While a traditional website may be designed with few images of lesser quality, eCommerce thrives on high-quality multimedia.

How much do ecommerce website design services cost in Nigeria?

The prices for ecommerce website development services in Nigeria depend on a variety of factors. Some of the top determining factors include:

  • Number of product pages = High impact on price
  • Functionality needs = High impact on price
  • Location of ecommerce web design agency = Medium impact on price
  • SEO implementation = High impact on price
  • Company’s goal and vision = Medium impact on price
  • More

However, the average standard ecommerce business investment for good conversions should be from ₦ 250,000 to ₦10M to design, develop, optimize and launch an ecommerce website.

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How can i start my ecommerce website design project?

To get started on your ecommerce website design Request a Free Quote and all the details relating to the design.

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