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Even if your website is old or new, a WordPress maintenance service is critical for your online success if you intend to turn your website into a converting marketing tool. Whether it be simple updates or major weekly updates, we have a premium website maintenance package to keep your website fresh, fast, and up to date.

Wordpress website maintenance service in progress

As a WordPress website maintenance company, we know that a WordPress care plan is needed to keep your website running smoothly. It ensures the fixing of errors, updates systems to add new features and protects your business from unwanted hackers. You will also want to keep your business information and your website look and feel up to date to make it more attractive to potential customers.

WordPress maintenance service is just like looking after your car. It needs frequent maintenance to function well. For websites built on the WordPress CMS platform, there are regular essential updates that are needed to keep your website running seamlessly. With a WordPress website maintenance plan you website will get all the latest updates and run smoothly.

One of the major reasons your WordPress maintenance needs a regular update is to maintain the security level of the website. Without a regular update, you might get hacked, and if that happens, Google may remove you from search results which can greatly impact your brand growth. Having a WordPress maintenance agency keep your website updated, bug-free, and in good condition, gives a better user experience. And Google prefers user-friendly websites.

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Why You Need WordPress Maintenance Service

360 Hub Digital Enterprises specialises in proactively managing your WordPress website. We help you avoid data loss, hacking, errors, and improve website performance with good speed optimisations. As a professional WordPress website design agency, we know how to rightly run security regular backups, frequent site speed tests, malware removal, WordPress security audits, real-time uptime monitoring and WordPress website maintenance.

Most business owners lack the technical knowledge or time to make sure their WordPress site is properly updated. To keep your website secure and performing at its best, you need a partner to take care of your WordPress website maintenance for great results.

Update wrongly done can sometimes break your website functionality. The reason is that the WP core system, used plugins and the theme/design all need to be in sync together to function seamlessly. That is why you need an experienced WordPress maintenance service provider to help make your website productive.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services

We have comprehensive ongoing and one off wordpress website maintennace package that gives peace of mind. With maintenance service, you can rest easy that your website will function smoothly always.

Plugins Installation/Updates

Get any features added to your website to keeps it running smoothly and reduce the risk of hacking. There are over 54,000 free WordPress plugins available in the official plugins directory and we know which is not a security risk.

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Core WordPress CMS and Template Update

Keeps WP core CMS software, the site design and functionality updated and aligned with official and third-party plugins up to date for better speed and higher search engine ranking opportunities.

Regular Security Update

Systems are put in place to help prevent brute force attacks and other security weaknesses. We ensure there is no security leakage that will make your website an easy target to hackers. With proper security set up, hackers are discouraged.

WordPress Optimization

One thing everyone hates is a slow website! If you are tired of the slow loading speed of your WordPress website, We can help. As a WordPress website maintenance company, we make your website load faster. Since website speed is key to Google ranking, we pay attention to all relevant factors.

WordPress Migration

Migrating your website from a low-performance host to a better one or from one platform to WordPress can be done seamlessly by our team. Under our maintenance service, this is only done when your website is on a bad server and there is a need to migrate it to achieve better results. All migration attracts their own token fees.

Downtime Monitor

We set up and implement your WordPress website downtime monitor. With an effective downtime monitor, we get notified once your website goes down, and 360 Hub Digital will respond and get your website back up as fast as possible.

Google analytics setup icon

Google Analytics Setup

We set up Google Analytics to give us valuable information about your website. Google Analytics for WP highlights all your website traffic and sources, errors, visitors behaviour, conversion rates, and much more. We install, set up, and also provide access to you to enable you to monitor your website progress.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console also gives us invaluable information relating to your website and ranking. GSC highlights errors,  gives warning about pages with issues, etc. We set up and give access so you to know what keywords are driving traffic to you the most, view CTR, request immediate indexing, etc.

Support for wordpress maintenance service

Downtime Monitor

As a WordPress site maintenance company in Nigeria, we know how important it is for you to have your website functioning at its best and gain better visibility. We are always available to update your content and perform tasks required on your website in a timely manner.

Benefits of Regular WordPress Website Maintenance

Growth for online business means a good retainership for old visitors and a constant influx of new ones. This happens more with an effective wordpress maintenance package. One of the most important elements of fresh and updated content is that it will continue to drive new traffic to your site. Conversely, outdated content and ill-maintained content will cause a high bounce rate for your website. Search engine giants like Google, love content updates and websites optimized for speed.

Another well known important element of a good sit maintenance service is that it leads to better ranking.

Why? because search engines like Google and bing are all about positive user experience. And one of the top turn off for users visiting your website is website load time. When your website is built on an overburdened server, it will certainly run slowly which will affect user experience and search ranking. But with good maintenance and optimization, your website gains speed and attract favour from visitors and Google. Search engines algorithm love new content, and will by virtue of that rank your website higher as a result of fresh and updated content.

A website with the right content and elements will definitely satisfy your current customers. The reason users share content is that they love what they see on the website. When you get people to bookmark your website and check it out frequently, you are on your way to building a loyal audience. Our wordpress monthly maintenance package 

Our WordPress Monthly Maintenance Package

What Customers Say About Us

Here are some reviews by existing customers on our Google Business Profile page.

“360Hub Digital has been a very reliable partner in supporting our company’s digital marketing strategy. From managing and upgrading our website/e-commerce interface for cutting edge customer experience; and also managing the SEO strategies, 360Hub Digital has been dynamic, conscientious, reliable and effective I helping us convert leads to loyal customers. The collaboration has yielded great results and we are happy to recommend them to other forward-looking companies.”

Yemi Adewusi

360hub is the best digital marketing agency I have ever worked with. Innovative, creative, Highly strategic in content marketing, has ability to position your brand to the best audience and above all has ability to create content that best describes your brand. 360hub has not only double my company’s revenue, but has greatly increased our client’s database by 500% in less than 8months.

Adam Brown

As a web building/maintenance outfit, I commend 360Hub Digital. They are prompt, professional and always on hand to respond to clients’ needs. I worked with James in rebranding a website. The job was delivered within the agreed time-frame and the website is a lot better than it was. Of course, as with anything in life, there is room for improvement. I recommend their services without any reservation.

Adesola Ayo-Aderele

Very reliable, Efficient, professional and has a great work ethic.

Highly recommended!!!

Chika Agughasi

WordPress Website Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

What is Website Maintenance?

You know, a website is just like your personal health. If you don’t go for regular check-ups; there is the possibility that your health may fall apart. Well, Website maintenance is just like that. It is the act of an ongoing checking and taking care of your website. Fixing security issues, updates, bug issues, errors, mistakes, web content updates and more. Website maintenance and management are crucial to online success.

Does my website really need regular maintenance or retainer service?

Every business website and blog built to make money needs regular maintenance or retainer services. This is to ensure all the components of the website including forms, images, content, payment methods, etc are functioning seamlessly. A properly maintained and regularly updated website exemplifies a dynamic, professional and versatile organization. Regular website maintenance keeps your visitors updated and engaged about your brand.

What does it mean when a website is down for maintenance?

Each time you see a notice that a website is down for maintenance, it normally means that the website is temporarily unavailable. There could be security updates been handled backend, fixing some other issues, or migrating the website from one hosting server to another, or from one hosting account to another.

Can I have multiple WordPress and other websites with one maintenance package?

No. Each web maintenance package is for each individual website unless there is a prio arrangement to that effect.

Will website maintenance service help in improving search engine rankings?

Absolutely. Proper frequent website maintenance is one of the key elements to your website appearance on search engine result pages (SERP).

What does your WordPress Website Maintenance service entails?

Our WordPress maintenance package or plan includes everything to keep your wordpress website running smoothly. We handle both small and large content updates, free and premium SSL installations, core security updates, etc.

How long will it take to execute website maintenance on my website?

It depends on the number of changes you want us to execute on your site. For non-major changes, it normally takes 1 – 2 hours.

What happens if you mess up my website?

We are a professional WordPress maintenance agency. The first step to effecting major changes is first backing up your website. This enables us to restore your WordPress website to the status quo in case of unforeseen website breaking. In your cases, we diagnose what caused the issue and get your website fixed to prevent future occurence.

Do you maintain, manage or provide technical support for websites you didn’t design?

Yes! When clients come to us with a variety of issues they have with their website, we diagnose, analyse and help them fix the issue. We have experience in taking care of websites excellently whether they were designed by us or not.

Why is my WordPress website very slow, and can you make it load fast?

Many factors may be responsible for your WordPress site slowness. You or your designer may have installed too many unnecessary plugins, used “heavy” plugins instead of lite weight ones, outdated plugins and themes, bad wordpress themes, images and graphics, etc.

We sure can help make your website load fast. We follow a blueprint for making your website increase speed for better user experience and ranking.

Will changing my WordPress theme affect the website negatively?

Yes and No! Changing your WordPress template or theme can provide you with an amazing new look for your business. A look that truly befits your business status. New features and exciting functionalities can really be tempting, but installing a new theme without proper check could mess up your website.

Most of the WordPress themes (free or premium) are created using popular page builders like WP Bakery, Visual Builder, Elementor or divi builder.

Changing your theme to one with a different page builder or no page builder at all will mess up your website. Once your new theme is activated, the whole website design and layout will be messed up.

Can you perform a backup service only for my WordPress site and send me the files for keep?

Yes, we can. And normally, our wordpress backup service takes few hours unless you have a very large website. We can also set up an automatic periodic backup for you instead of a manual backup.

If I want a fresh design, can I show you want I want and you design that for me?

Absolutely! Whether you want a fresh design with all old content intact or a fresh design with fresh content, we can get it done for you in a timeously.

Celebrating our wonderful clients

Certainly, we are only as good as the work we produce and the results we are able to achieve for our clients. Below are those we have been working with recently.

This Month's Project Case Study

Gennex Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Gennex Technologies Limited is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria with a large network of distributors. The company is in a very competitive industry. To make them stand out and grow faster, we implemented these two key web design features among others  to enable them gain better visibility and boost sales:

Unique design. We tailored the web design to synch with their brand identity with very thoughtful USP and value proposition placements. 

SEO.  To boost trust, visibility and sales, we implemented white-hat SEO on the website. The resultant effect is that they are currently ranked on Google Page One for any product they offer including services.

Other Projects

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