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Google Search ads deliver GUARANTEED instant conversion by displaying your ads to people actively searching online for your products and services. Google Search Ads has the highest conversion rate online.

360 Hub Digital as a Google advertising agency help companies who want to get new customers on daily basis advertise on Google. Our Google pay per click ads on the search network is highly targeted at people searching with keywords that possess transactional intents.

We have been advertising on Google for startups and small businesses for years now. Whether your intent is to reach new prospects daily, increase brand awareness, or announce a product launch, we would conduct thorough keyword research that fits your campaign purpose.

Google Map Advertising

Google map advertising is another area we explore for our clients in the search network. With Google maps ads the intent is to target prospects searching for your products and services on the Google map.

We create campaigns that target those looking for products or services within their locale on Google map.

These are prospects most likely to visit your office once they find that your business is not too far from. The aim to convert searchers with your business locale to paying customers immediatly.


Our Google Search  Advertising Services

Proper keyword research is an integral part of Google search engine marketing. Whether you’re running a campaign to drive sales or brand awareness, keyword research is fundamental to success.
Deep keywords research help you find profit-driving keywords for sales campaign. Your search will only be successful if you use the right keywords. To find the right keywords for your Google search ads, you need to decipher the keyword intent.
What is the searcher’s intent when they type in a particular word or phrase on Google? Search terms like “5-star hotels in Lagos” and “5 start hotel near me” carry different intent. While the former is mainly information and does not suggest immediate transactional intent, the latter does.
Gathering keywords that carry the right intent for your campaign is one thing. Another consideration is how the keywords should be used. The determination of Google ads keyword match type is also crucial to success. Should the keyword be broad match, phrase match, or exact match?
Our team takes extra care and time in conducting a proper keyword research for your business. This makes all campaigns for our clients a big success.
Google search call ads can send your brand profit through the roof.
Call-only ads let customers call your company personnel directly from Google search. You must have seen them if your conduct searches for local business with your mobile phone.
The key differentiating factor is the big green telephone icon. When a user clicks on a call-only ad on Google, they’re not taken to your website landing page. Instead, Google automatically brings up the advertisers business’ phone number on their keypad. The prospect will then place a call directly to the company.
Call-only ads are designed to make the user take action. This removes the need for users to visit your site and read a copy, then look for a contact number.
Call-only ads only appear on mobile devices. 
Call only ads are created to filter out many forms of low-quality leads. If the user is willing to call you, chances are they have a challenge that you can solve. And, they know this from the call-only ad copy.
Call-only ads 30 to 50 percent conversion rate is a feat that some other campaign types struggle to come close to.
360 Hub Google advertising agency can set up call-only ads targeted at specific states within Nigeria or abroad for you.

Grow your business today with call ads. Not only are phone call leads of high quality, but the phone is statistically the best sales channel for most businesses according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report.

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Google search advertising is a great way for generating online sales. Whether you want to collect leads or any other goal you have for your business. It’s also a great strategy for generating brand awareness and increase brand affinity.
Whether your company is just launching or established and looking for a new audience, paid search ads is a great way to reach new prospects and introduce them to your company.
No matter what industry you are in, Google search advertising is a great channel for profitable brand awareness campaigns. You start getting instant results, once your goal is established and the right audience pinpointed.
With the right keywords, paid search ads can attract the right audience for your brand.
Reaching new prospects is one thing, but reaching those with a high likelihood to be loyal to your brand is another. We fine-tune keywords and users activities to target the right audience.
We can help you reach a new audience in Nigeria or abroad.
Google search pay per click (PPC) advertising enable brands to boost sales. Search PPC campaigns can help you reach thousands of prospects daily and only pay when your ads are clicked.
Set up with the right keywords and strategy, search PPC ads can bring you much exposure. The big difference between search ads and other campaign type is that your ads are displayed to a certain class of searchers.
Displaying your ads to only those actively searching for your product and services makes search ads a game-changer.
Our team know the right daily budget and bid strategy to apply. With the right budget and bid, your ads would perform better. To stand out from the competition, we set up your campaign with awesome ad copies.
Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your company grow.
According to Google, ” Target CPA is a Google Ads Smart Bidding strategy that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at or below the target cost-per-action (CPA) you set. It uses advanced machine learning to automatically optimize bids and offers auction-time bidding capabilities that tailor bids for each and every auction.
For App campaigns, target CPA is the same value as either the target cost per install or target cost per in-app action, depending on the campaign type. Installs and in-app actions (engagements) are the target user actions for App campaigns for installs and App campaigns for engagement”.
How Does Target CPA Help Your Growth
With target cost per action ads, you can get as much exposure you need for free. Meaning, if 10,000 people visit your page and only 5 took a predefined action, you pay for just that.
360 Hub Digital as a Google advertising agency, will help you determine the best CPA that will drive your brand’s desired results.
We work in harmony with your team to set up the right action that will fast-track sales conversion.

With Google search ads, we can set up to drives sales stores, generate leads, get more website visits, promote more app installations, get more local store or business place visits and more.

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Our Customized Search Ads Are:

Cost Effective

The benefits you get far exceeds the cost

Revenue Booster

Our Google ads generate about  $8 profit for every $1 spent

100% Targeted

Only those actively searching for your products and services will see your ads.

Instant Results

Google search ads produce instant results. You start getting value from week one.

Call Only Set Up

Showcase your business to thousands and pay only when prospects call.

Why You Should Use Google Ads for Your Business

Google is by far the most used search engine in the world. Google search engine receives over 3.5 billion search queries on a daily basis and 1.2 trillion searches per year. As if that is not enough stats, the Google Advertising platform is other than any other online paid advertising platform and very effective. Making a clear leader in the PPC advertising space.

Google is a tool used by people around the globe to get answers to their questions, making Google a powerful service and product recommender especially when your product or service solves a problem the searcher is seeking a solution for.

Additionally, over 80% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase or hiring a service and Google is where it’s done. Google ads offer you the opportunity to answers questions of prospects with your products and services.

Another reason you don’t want to miss the opportunity of using Google ads for your business growth is the fact that your competitors are using Google ads, and probably “stealing” your prospects. (Your competitors can bid on your branded name and terms on Google so that when people search Google with your Company name, your competitor’s advert is displayed at the top offering the same service you do)

Google Search Ads Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Google search ads and SEO?

Google search ads which are known as search engine marketing (SEM) are adverts by businesses that appear on top of search engine result pages (SERAP). Meaning that when a user is searching for consulting company in Lagos for instance, your company become the first thing he sees on Google and Google search partners. On the other hand, search engine optimization (SEO) is simply deploying a variety of tasks on and off your website to get ranked on Google when prospects search for products and services you offer. The main difference is that Google search ads will almost always appear on top of SEO results.

Why should I advertise on Google?

Google is by far the most used search engine in the world and has been so for as long as I can remember. Google receives over 5 billion search queries on a daily basis. As if that is not enough stat, the Google Advertising platform is other than any other online paid advertising platform and very effective.

Google is a tool used by people around the globe to get answers to their questions, making Google a powerful service and product recommender especially when your product or service solves a problem the searcher is seeking a solution for.

Another reason you may want to consider using Google is the fact that your competitors are using Google ads and probably “stealing” your prospects. (Your competitors can bid on your branded name and terms so that when people search Google with your Company name, your competitor’s advert is displayed at the top offering the same service you do)

How effective is Google search ads?

Google search ads are very effective because it targets people who already have interest in your products and services (They are looking to deal). The reason Google ads would not work for a business is because of inexperienced advertisers. Survey shows that businesses can make up to $8 for every $1 spent on Google search advertising.

I tried Google search ads before without success, why?

As stated above, the only reason Google search ads would fail to yield results is inexperience or lack of knowledge as to how the ads work.  For instance, you could be targeting informational generic keywords with broad matches and having thousand of clicks without any lead. While a professional advertiser would target transactional keywords with far fewer impressions and click but with great results.

Just like Facebook ads, it is the in-depth knowledge of the advertiser that brings about success.

What keywords type are best for search campaigns?

This depends on the aim of your campaign promotion. Before determining keyword match and type to use for ads, you must first pinpoint the aim of your campaign.  Information and broad match keywords are best for brand awareness campaigns. Longtail keywords may have fewer searches but may convert more for your business. Bidding for transactional keywords with either phrase or exact match will work better for sales.

Be that as it may, a professional Google ads agency knows how to blend all keywords types to get a particular desired result.

How much does your Google ads service cost?

Cost depends on your campaign goal, your business industry and the countries you intend to target. 

Do i need a website to advertise on Google?

Yes, you need a website to advertise on the Google search network. However, you can advertise on Google maps with just a Google my business page

How does your Google advertising packages work?

Our Google advertising packages are pre-paid monthly plans depending on a variety of factors that determines the suitable budget for you. After research and your budget options are determined, you can then opt for a monthly quarterly or annual contract.

Clients have the option to choose whether we handle the payment for ads for them or not. In the event that the client wants to handle their payment themselves, we go ahead and create a Google AdWord account for the company with full access, and set up the account payment with the company details. The only thing we do is manage promotion for the client for a monthly fee. Learn more

Find Out How Can Grow Your Business With Google Search Ads 

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