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As one of the leading Facebook Advertising Agencies in Lagos, Nigeria. 360 Hub Digital can help you reach your ideal customer on the platform, and promote your business effectively and efficiently with our Facebook advertising services. We deploy strategies born from constant testing that are GUARANTEED to give your business BIG results.

Facebook Advertising Company based in Lagos Nigeria
With years of experience as a Facebook Advertising Agency for small businesses in Nigeria and beyond. You can rest assured that Facbook advertising platform can be used to drive your business growth agenda. Facebook has almost 3 billion users and over 30 million Nigerians. You can reach your ideal customers with Facebook Ads.
The Facebook Ads platform is well known for its highly effective targeting. Meaning your ideal customer/prospects can be pinpointed and targeted.
With the volume of users on the platform, you can find your business target customer there. You can strategically target any class of persons with Facebook ads because of the many targeting factors to deploy.
No matter the product or services you sell, you will certainly find the customer that wants or needs that product on Facebook. That is why even car manufacturing companies advertise a great deal on social media.
Our experience Facebook marketing agency uses expertise to boost the likelihood of sales for your brand. Because with years of practice, we can now target the customers more likely to need and buy your products or services on the platform.

Our Facebook Advertising Services

Since the launching of Facebook Lead Ads in 2015 the platform makes it easy to generate leads. Lead ads allow you to keep the user on Facebook whilst obtaining information such as their name, email address and phone number.
We can help your company create a lead generation campaign designed to reach people at the right time, across any device. Our innovative Facebook Marketing Agency first understand your goals and deliver meaningful results.
Facebook Remarketing campaign strategy can have a major impact on your business growth. Facebook advertising remarketing campaigns have high conversion rates. Because a customer who has previously visited your website or engaged with your ad is over 69% more likely to convert and buy!
By installing Facebook Pixel on your website, we can target your website visitors on Facebook. With this Facebook advertising strategy, you can target people who visited your website. You get to remind users who viewed your product and services to help them buy faster.
With over a billion active users monthly, Facebook Messenger has become an integral part of Social Networking for people.
Marketing via Facebook Messenger works well because it offers a very personalised approach. With an incredible 80% open rate and an average 40% increase in click-through rates, Facebook messenger marketing is one of the best marketing strategies.

Our Customized Facebook Ads

As a Facebook advertising agency, we can help you set up campaigns that target people behaviour, interests, demographics, engagement, etc.

Cheap Ads

Facebook ads cost per click can be very cheap depending on the industry and region

Revenue Booster

Facebook ads have an average conversion rate of 9.21%.

100% Targeted

Facebook ads can be set up to target only those who fit your prospect persona.

Instant Results

Facebook advertising produce instant results. You start getting value from week one.

Global Reach

You can reach any region in the world and grow your business with Facebook advertising

Celebrating our wonderful clients

Certainly, we are only as good as the work we produce and the results we are able to achieve for our clients. Below are those we have been working with recently.

This Month's Project Case Study

Gennex Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Gennex Technologies Limited is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria with a large network of distributors. The company is in a very competitive industry. To make them stand out and grow faster, we implemented these two key web design features among others  to enable them gain better visibility and boost sales:

Unique design. We tailored the web design to synch with their brand identity with very thoughtful USP and value proposition placements. 

SEO.  To boost trust, visibility and sales, we implemented white-hat SEO on the website. The resultant effect is that they are currently ranked on Google Page One for any product they offer including services.

Other Projects

Facebook Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Facebook ads for my business?

Facebook ads work great to target people who are similar to your customers for a good result. Also, Facebook advertising leads to an influx of traffic to your website, which can help in search ranking.

Is it worth it to spend money on Facebook ads?

Facebook ads across all industries have a conversion rate of 9.21%. Even though the cost per click is cheaper, Facebook ads can help drive growth for your business with the right targeting.

Does Facebook ads work for all industries?

Facebook has over 2 billion users and these are regular people interested in products or services from any industry. With the right targeting strategy, you can pinpoint the people interested in your product and services.

What is Facebook ads conversion rate by industry?

The Average Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads by Industry

Industry Average CVR

  • Apparel = 4.11%
  • Auto = 5.11%
  • B2B = 10.63%
  • Beauty = 7.10%
  • Consumer Services = 9.96%
  • Education = 13.58%
  • Employment & Job Training = 11.73%
  • Finance & Insurance = 9.09%
  • Fitness = 14.29%
  • Home Improvement = 6.56%
  • Healthcare = 11.00%
  • Industrial Services = 0.71%
  • Legal = 5.60%
  • Real Estate = 10.68%
  • Retail = 3.26%
  • Technology = 2.31%
  • Travel & Hospitality = 2.82%
What targeting options does Facebook ads have?

Facebook has lots of targeting options to enable you to target the right prospects for better results. See targeting options below.

  • Demographics: Location, age, language, gender, relationship, education, financial, parental status, etc
  • Interest: Business and industries, entertainment, Family & relationship, fitness & wellness, food & drinks, hobbies & activities, shopping and fashion, etc.
  • Behaviours: Automotive, charitable donations, business to business, job role, mobile device users, travel, purchase behaviour, etc.
  • Connections: People who like certain pages, people who like your page or used your app, friends of people who like your page, etc.
  • Remarketing: People who visited your website, custome list emails, etc.
How do you know what type of audience to choose for clients?

We start by researching the categories of users that have an active interest in your products and services. We dig deeper and create a prospect persona for your campaign targeting.

What is Facebook ads cost per click by industry?

The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook Ads by Industry is shown below, but much lower in Nigeria and other third world countries targeting.

  • Apparel = $0.45
  • Auto = $2.24
  • B2B = $2.52
  • Beauty = $1.81
  • Consumer Services = $3 .08
  • Education = $1.06
  • Employment & Job Training = $2.72
  • Finance & Insurance = $3.77
  • Fitness = $1.90
  • Home Improvement = $2.93
  • Healthcare = $1.32
  • Industrial Services = $2.14
  • Legal = $1.32
  • Real Estate = $1.81
  • Retail = $0.70
  • Technology = $1.27
  • Travel & Hospitality = $0.63
Can the website traffic from my Facebook ad by tracked?

Yes! Website traffic generated from your Facebook advertising can be tracked by using a Facebook Pixel. Facebook can create pixel codes for your website with which to track visitors activities. See this detailed tutorial by Wordstream

What is Facebook analytics?

Facebook analytics is the analysis and reporting interface of activities. It is a spot where conversion tracking and Facebook pixel data can be seen and managed.

How much is your Facebook promotion cost?

Our Facebook advertising package starts from $300 a month.

Can you target just people in my state for my product?

Yes! With Facebook, we can help target the people in your state to enable you to increase conversion.

Can your company advertise for me even if i don't have a website?

Yes. With just your Facebook or Instagram page, we can create an effective promotion for you and make your call to action lead to messenger, WhatsApp, your Facebook page, free get Getresponse landing pages.

How can only high income audience be targeted with Facebook ads

When your company product or service is premuim and not affordable to everyone, there are targeting tactics you can implement to reach only wealthy users. In such cases targeting options would involve the following and more:

  • latest iPhone owners
  • Small business owners
  • Regular abroad travellers
  • Office workers of class «A» business centers
  • People residing in an affluent neighbourhood
  • Luxuries shoppers
  • Restaurants lovers
  • etc
Can my ad run only on Facebook or Instagram?

Absolutely, per your request, we can target only Facebook or Instagram only or both.

We Can Help Grow Your Business With Facebook Advertising

Looking for a trusted company to manage your Facebook Ads solutions? We have years of experience working with several companies. We can deliver big results.

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