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LinkedIn main selling point for brands is its ability to target any audience by their job role. This allows LinkedIn ads agencies like us to reach the people who make the transactional decisions for their company. We build strong and lasting connections by using the right advertising strategy to get in front of working professionals on the largest B2B social network platform.
LinkedIn Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Use LinkedIn Advertising and the power of 756+ million users for your business growth.

LinkedIn is the only social advertising platform that gives brands the ability to target professional audiences with precision.

360 Hub Digital LinkedIn Advertising Agency can help you setup your account and manage your LinkedIn advertising. We help brands get the most out of their LinkedIn ads budget with our exceptional LinkedIn advertising services. Target the right class of professional that are interested in your products, services, and solutions. Target businesses and markets locally or globally and use the LinkedIn Advertising platform to your benefit.

Certainly advertising channels like Facebook and Google help with invaluable exposure and growth for brands.

But for a B2B organisation, pinpointing your target audience is KEY. Because you don’t just want to reach any audience. What is pivotal is reaching decision-makers. LinkedIn is the number one platform to reach that kind of audience better. By using creative, results-driven strategies for LinkedIn marketing you will see amazing result in growth and conversions.

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Our LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn Advertising Strategies: We work together with your company’s marketing team to create a LinkedIn Ads Strategy that is based on your brand Products and services. We do this by first understanding who your customers are.

Once we have a clear understanding of your customers, we go ahead and create a clear prospect persona and a campaign to target them. We decide the best ad copy that will resonate more with your prospects and draw them into the sales funnel.

Because landing pages have the capacity to make or break a good campaign, we ensure that landing pages where necessary, comply with conversion rules.

After all due diligence, we launch a true LinkedIn Paid Strategy that fits your business needs and generates more customers for you.

LinkedIn Retargeting gives your business the opportunity to re-engage with your audience. This is a process where we can target past website visitors with specific advertising. The LinkedIn Advertising network provides different methods to target potential customers with precise campaigns that fast-track the conversion of leads for you.

Typically the value of B2B conversions proves to be higher than B2C. By using the most appropriate platform for B2B ads could mean big differences and big returns for your brand.

Our Customized LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Advertising is an ideal promotion platform to attract new potential customers. We help use advanced targeting methods and the different tools available at LinkedIn to impact your lead generation efforts.

As your LinkedIn Advertising Agency, we treat your business growth like ours. We function as an extension of your team to create campaigns and projects that produce results. Strategies that truly fit your voice and branding.

Maximise ROI

LinkedIn advertising allows brands to forensically target the users that matter the most to your business for better ROI.

Global Reach

You can reach any region in the world and grow your business with LinkedIn advertising

100% Targeted

LinkedIn ads can be set up to target only those who fit your prospect persona. Those who are decision-makers for better B2B conversion

Instant Results

LinkedIn paid marketing produces instant results. You start getting value from your campaign in a matter of weeks.

Conversion Rate

Linked conversion rate for B2B advertisers is higher than those achieved in other major B2B advertising channels.

Celebrating our wonderful clients

Certainly, we are only as good as the work we produce and the results we are able to achieve for our clients. Below are those we have been working with recently.

This Month's Project Case Study

Gennex Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Gennex Technologies Limited is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria with a large network of distributors. The company is in a very competitive industry. To make them stand out and grow faster, we implemented these two key web design features among others  to enable them gain better visibility and boost sales:

Unique design. We tailored the web design to synch with their brand identity with very thoughtful USP and value proposition placements. 

SEO.  To boost trust, visibility and sales, we implemented white-hat SEO on the website. The resultant effect is that they are currently ranked on Google Page One for any product they offer including services.

Other Projects

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